Ramona Rusu Drifting

Ramona Rusu Drifting in her S60 4.0 V8 powered E30! This Romanian beauty has been competing in the Queen of Europe drift series and 3 other Drift championships including “King of Europe” since 2013 in her beautifully prepared V8 powered E30.

Drift Girl Ramona has been highly competitive from the start of her drifting career finishing on the podium on most of her runs.

“For quite some time now, Ramona Rusu has been winning all sorts of drifting competitions around Europe, most of the times going up against guys that were really blown away by what she could do. Starting off with a Miata she eventually upgraded to the king of drifting, the E30 3 Series.”


Ramona Rusu “Drift Girl” has won the 2014 “Queen of Europe” drift championship at the finals in Hungary, taking the title from 2013 winner Danielle Murphy from Ireland, who came a close 2nd.

Danielle Murphy is a girl who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty, prepping and doing all the work to her car, named “Green Monster”!

Here we have another Great video from Ramona named, “Ride The Mountains”. This is a Great little drifting movie but unfortunately Lads it looks like Ramona has already been taken 🙁

Keep an eye out for Romona Rusu “Drift Girl” in the 2015 “Queen of Europe” championship next year, can Ramona hold on to the title or will Danielle Murphy reclaim the crown….we shall have to wait and see 😉

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