Smoking, Smoking, Smoking at Lydden Hill

Smoking, Smoking, Smoking at Lydden Hill Race Track. On 30th November, this coming Saturday its time for some proper drifting, on a proper track & hopefully dry track.

A mate of mine Christian Freed who has a V8 powered E30 Beast showed me this video of his mate Peter Green in his V8 powered e30 Drifting machine at Lydden Hill in May 2013 at the Retro Drift Challenge!!! 😉

This will be the circuit I will be Drifting on this Saturday, WooHoo! I do like Arena Essex but this is how drifting should be, with a plenty of speed and lots & lots of Tyre smoking smoke……

There will be 5 groups

THE PROS: If You hold a BDC license, and are capable of pulling high speed entries in the devils elbow (3rd/4th gear) and if you are capable of drifting the whole circuit at speed. You will need a Hi Powered Drifting machine for this!

PROS – INTERS: Similar to the above Pros but more suitable for cars that don’t have as much power, Its not suitable for mx5’s & other low power cars though!

INTERS: You have a good deal of drifting experience on bigger tracks & capable of linking from the elbow to the main straight at Lydden. Suitable for 2nd/3rd gear entries into the elbow. Most cars will be suitable for this.

NOVICE/INTERS: You have a less than 10 days of Drifting events under your belt but can link corners, although you don’t yet enter a drift at high speed! All cars welcome in this group.

NOVICE: You have done a bit of Drifting (check) but are still new to Drifting (hmmm check) its your first time Drifting on a bigger track (check) This is the group I managed to get my reserve ticket for but I reckon me & the Beema be good enough for the Novice/Inter group, Only time & the GoPro will tell….. 😉

It will be £5/£10 entry for spectators to Lydden (Im not 100% sure which)

Its £20 for passenger rides.

Signing in starts at 7am & Drivers briefing is at 8:30, Damn, that’s going to be an early f`ing start for me, going to have to leave home around 6`ish…..

Drifting starts at 9am until dusk, around 4`ish!

The Beema has been running sweet now, with the recent new fuel pump & crankshaft sensor. Just need to get more power from her. This will be from a M50 Manifold, bigger throttle body & re-mapped ecu which should bring the power up to around 230 to 240 BHP!

The wheel tramping the Beamer been suffering from is almost sorted. I contacted BC who I got the coilovers from who suggested this:

  • Jack car up.
  • Remove bolt from bottom of shock.
  • Jack the spring perch up until the slack is taken up on the spring.
  • Then adjust the height of the shock until the bolt hole lines up.
  • Had to lower the shocks by around 2 inches.

Done all this & then it was time for a quick test drive. Started with a quick burnout! Wheels spinning up nicely, just a little tremor but no banging & hoping, Result!

Time to hit the roads. Pulled out of the garage & the Beema was squirming about smoothly. A few small drifts coming of some roundabouts and it was all surprisingly nice and smooth 😉 Ohhh yes, I was happy…….

I ordered stiffer rear springs from BC that arrived today, just need to get them fitted before Saturday, do a few little checks, fill the beast with fuel, charge batterys for the GoPro & Drift Ghost and that will be me and the Beema ready for some Fast & Furious Tyre Smoking Drifting at Lydden Hill!!! Ohhohoho I cannot wait…………….. 🙂


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