BHP Performance Show 2013

The BHP Performance Show 2013

This was a great day out for all you car enthusiasts, young & old, men & ladies and them in between, if you seen the Knight Rider car at the BHP show you will know what I mean.

The┬á BHP Performance Show 2013, was held at Lydden Hill Race circuit in Canterbury, for the 6th time. The weather was Sunny and hot but not too hot. Did you remember your sun cream? Well, I don’t think so, as I seen a lot of Red Necks walking around, bet you burning up today ­čśë

I arrived later then expected due to traffic on the M2 and pretty big ques to get in to the show. I met up With My mate Big M and Shannon. After a walk around the displays and stands, We could hear something loud and Amazing? It was an Alfa GTV V6 3Ltr, it was short lived as he got black flagged on his 1st lap for been too LOUD!!! That was a shame because that was most definitely one of the best sounding cars of the day.

Next up was some Ford action, with a great selection of MKI & II Escorts, Sierra Cosworth and a e30 Bimmerall going for it, getting them sideways at every oppurtunity. It was great seeing these cars driven the way they were meant to be, Sideways!!

Then the big Trucks were up, there was only 3 of them but they were going for it, loads of smoke from the tyres and exhausts. The 3 of them were giving there Trucks some stick, Sliding the back end out, and puffs of steam from the water cooled brakes, made for quite a show….

Then we had the best of the bunch The Drifters! A selection of drift cars from Volvo 340`s, that seem to be getting popular with drifters these days, to fully prepped drift cars like the M & M BMW that was leaving smoke trails all around the track.

After this the Monster Citreon put on a solo display. This was one fast little motor but not a lot of noise?

Next up there was a mixture of cars, from hot Rods to Caterhams

After this we had another walk around as all the Track Day boys were out on the circuit and to be honest i would rather be out on the track then be watching, so time to check the cars and the pit babes, in the pits.

I watched the Next session of the Drifters before leaving before the crowds decided to all go at once.

All in all it was a good day out, I was a little disappointed as I was expecting┬á a bit more to be honest but still enjoyed the day, and hope everyone else who attended enjoyed the BHP Performance Show 2013 and I’m pretty sure I will be back for more Next Year & maybe, just maybe be out there on track in my Bimmer…….



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