BMW Unveils Self Drifting M235i

BMW Unveils Self Drifting M235i, What the fuck are they playing at? The ultimate driving machine has now become the ultimate passenger machine? Impressive stuff BMW but where is the fun, the Beamer driving & drifting itself while you sit there like a f`ing dummy, come on…..some geek needs a slap for sure.

Consumer Electronic Show has witnessed lots of new car technologies and in between BMW has the show stealing tech for their cars and that is self driving drifting cars. These cars can drift on bends without touching any cones on bends.

For now only two models have this ultimate and fascinating technology and they are 2 series coupe and 6 series gran coupe. Both of these models can go round bends without any interference of driver. Car has a power slide for comfortable drift around corners without any intervention of driver. Car has 360 radar, cameras and sensors to adapt their surroundings for using all technologies accordingly.

You can read the full story here!

Its bad enough that we have cars that can park them selves, now self driven, self drifting cars……..Its obviously for people that have no passion for cars and driving it just takes away the spirit & adventure of driving….it saddens me 🙁

I don’t know about all this technology, wheres it going, whats next? Soon we wont even have to wipe our own arse? These tech heads should put more research into things that are of some benefit, curing things like Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s & many many other world wide problems.



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