Drift Practice Gone Wrong at Arena Essex

Drift Practice Gone Wrong at Arena Essex…….What a shit f`ing drift practice this turned out to be…….Ever so short and Not so sweet!

Heading up the M11 towards Arena Essex with no traffic, arrived in no time at all. Signed in, paid up & went down to the pits. Taped up the lights, got the GoPro ready & queued up!

Time now for some drifting, drifting, drifting fun! Was having a great time & then on the last lap I spun of onto the dirt. As I rejoined the track, there was a massive bang, followed by loud banging and rattling…….not good……not good at all.

There was a dip in the dirt and the underneath of the car hit the f`ing Curb!

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The Only Way is Sideways

The Only Way is Sideways for drifters but for 16 year old Jodie Rasburn from Romford in Essex, the Only Way is Up, she is well on her way in the drifting world, where she has recently been sponsored by Acorn Motorsport division, GyroDrift & Competition Clutch!

Jodie and her dad Ronnie are well known around Essex Arena Raceway, where they bothย  go to the arena to practice drifting, Jodie in her E30 BMW & Ron in his E36 BMW. They both also compete at the drifting competitions held at Arena Essex, named `King Of The Ring!

Jodie BimmerLast year she managed to finish 3rd at one of last years `King of the Ring` competitions, where she put many others to shame……but car troubles through out the rest of the year and a bad crash during practice hampered her progress to claim the crown of `Queen of the Ring`!

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Arena Essex Drifting 2014

Arena Essex Drifting 2014, back for more drifting fun…… 1st bit of legal drifting this year. The 3.9 ratio Limited Slip Diff fitted, the Nardi imitation 350mm steering wheel fitted & Kenlowe elecy fan sorted. T dirte on route to the Arena with a full tank of Gogo juice, spotted another fellow drifter on his way with a Black e30 on his flat bed transit, thumbs up mate!

Is Marsh also on route in the SL55 AMG V8 Merc? I f`ing hope not…….Parked up at the Tavern & ran up stairs to get signed in & get my wristband. Run back down to the Beamer & of to the pits to tape the lights up!

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King of the Ring Christmas Special

King of the Ring Christmas Special, at Arena Essex! This was a great Christmas surprise to round of 2013!

After my last drift practice on the 15th of December, I also had my last Physio session at Physio Answers for my on going shoulder pain and sadly their best Physio Anne would be leaving. It was also time to get the Beamer ready for even more Drifting Fun next year, 2014 is going to be the Nuts. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But there was more to come!

Getting all ready for Christmas & then on Facebook up pops another King of the Ring event.

king of ring chrimbo 13 p walkerA King Of The Ring Christmas special, dedicated to the recently Deceased Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker, on the 28th of December, ohhh ho ho I couldn’t wait. Sent my invites out to friends & everyone on Facebook, this was gonna be a big one.

Well I Had an awesome time drifting at this King of the Ring and a big thank you to all my friends & family who turned up even though it was real damn cold, well not in the car, where it was a little too hot at times. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Arena Essex Drift Practice November

Arena Essex Drift Practice November the 6th. After the fuel pump problems at the last Drift practice on the 23rd of October, I bought a new Bosch fuel pump & fitted on the 5th. All sorted? Well not quite…… the new pump is real damn noisy and was making some strange noises but it would have to do for now!

Got to Arena Essex around 6.30pm. Signed in and headed down to the pits. The place was in darkness and once again it was packed and only half of the pits was open? The place was like a mud bath in places.

Had to cut through the queue to find a spot to get prepped, a few cars started hooting? Was they hooting at me, nah, I think not! Taped up the lights, had a little snack & set up the GoPro.

Joined the line & had to kind of cut in the long queue that quickly stopped moving due to the damn tractor wetting the track…It was another 2 runs before i was finally at the front. Jodie Rasburn was behind me in her e30 that was back together after ramming an e46 at the last drift practice.

I asked Jodie & the girl letting the drifters through each session if this was the final drift practice? They didn’t seem too sure and asked the bloke in the scrutineer cabin. He said drift practice would carry on all throughout winter unless it was snowing, WooHoo!

I finally got onto the track at 7.30pm, WTF, Grrrrrr….., precious Drifting time was disappearing fast & furiously.

The 1st run was going great but then the Beamer started losing power once more towards the end of the sesh, engine even died out a couple times, damn it! All the sessions after this and she ran fine, without missing a beat…..which was a result!

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Drifting, Drifting, Drifting, Drift Practice at Arena Essex

Drifting, Drifting, Drifting, Drift Practice at Arena Essex. I headed up the M11 for some more drifting fun at 5:30pm, a little later then I wanted to. Traffic was heavy & slow moving but cleared up when I got on the M25.

The time was now 6:15pm & I was nearly there but as I was slowing down I noticed a heavy clicking from the rear end…..Oh no, sounded like the diff, a broken or chipped gear? Hmmm, should I turn back now or take a chance……

Oh yes, take a chance, I reckoned. I didn’t come all this way to turn back now, if it gets worse I will stop, just hope the diff doesn’t lock up or I will be in the shit!

Coming of the roundabout at Arena Essex & who was parked up & waiting? The slags in blue. They have a bad name around here, giving grief & fines to law abiding drifters and boy racers!

As I drove passed them they pulled out behind me & followed me up to the next roundabout to the Arena Go Kart entrance, I was thinking fuck off & just let me go Drifting! Oh yeah, they just carried straight on, result!

Parked up & ran upstairs to the bar to sign in. Name & number. T Dirte`, 169! Now down to the pits and tape the lights up! It was now very near to darkness & the place was packed…

Sunsetting on essex arenaJoined the queue and set up the GoPro action cam. The queue was long, after 2 runs It would be my turn. Not quite, the f`ing tractor was out wetting the track! As I was waiting with the engine running, the revs suddenly dropped and the engine spluttered for a second or 2, Bollocks petrol pump, don’t you give up on me just yet!

Finally we were waved on to the Arena, I was feeling the groove almost straight away, holding some good drifts. It wasn’t a great run as a lot of people were spinning of, haha like me when I started but it was pissing me of a bit! I was holding back on the transitions but enjoyed my 1st run.

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King Of The Ring, T Dirte Is Coming

King Of The Ring, T Dirte Is Coming. Oh yes the Beemer is near enough ready. I had one major problem to get sorted. After the short drifting practice I had on Wednesday the engine temperature had climbed to 3/4 on the gauge! Not good and time was running out!

I wasn’t too sure what to go for, a bigger radiator or decent electric fan? ย I had a cheap ยฃ20 fan from eBay on it which seemed to do the job but wasn’t man enough for drifting. Hmmm, well I went for a Kenlowe high performance fan. On Friday Mum & sister picked up the fan for me at Burton Power in Ilford! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today I also had a Physio appointment at 6pm. Left the garage just gone 5pm. There was traffic everywhere. I was sweltering in this July heat wave, with very bad traffic due to a forest fire in Epping forest & with no petrol sapping air-con I was sweating like a gorillas sack …….. I made it to my physio appointment, just over 10mins late but didn’t get time to clean up before I got there, so I was a little dirty & sweaty!

If you have any aches, pains or are in need of a great massage, I Highly recommend booking into Physio answers in Leyton. The staff are all friendly and very helpful.

When I got home & I was staggering, my blood sugars had dropped real low. I think this was due to the heat and sweating? After sorting that I had some dinner & headed back to the garage to fit the High Performance Kenlowe elecy fan!

Let’s just say that after a couple hours, having to cut bits of the bodywork away to make it fit and some rewiring, the fan was in. Got back home and it was 11:50pm, had to eat and have a bath before hitting the sack….

Next morning I was well & truly knackered. Went to the garage and when Marsh found out I was still going to do King Of The Ring at Essex arena, he was all up for going in Leo Wanker, the hairdresser Merc SLK he got last week and was selling next week, well as good as sold. His brother Sean and Marshens wife thought he was mad, well nothing new there as he is a bit of a head case, ๐Ÿ™‚ so this would add to the fun…. Continue reading

E30 M52 Power Loss Sorted, Time To Drift

E30 M52 Power Loss Sorted, Time To Drift. Finally sorted the lack of power from the engine today! Yesterday put the Beemer on the exhaust gas analyser at JTs garage. Yes it was running rich but not excessively. No codes coming up on his scanner either. He gave me the number of BMW specialist at Highyms park. Gave them a ring and explained the symptoms.

He said he couldn’t do anything until Monday and it would be ยฃ60 an hour + vat to run a full diagnostics as it was a conversion they hadn’t dealt with before.

Well I didn’t fancy them numbers….was going to drive to Wembley to meet Oz from the E30 zone who had a new camshaft sensor I could try.

It was another really hot hot day and on my way to Enfield there was a lot of slow moving traffic. The engine was losing even more power, now holding back from 2000rpm?? Continue reading