Drift Practice at Essex Arena after KOTR

Drift Practice at Essex Arena after KOTR on Sept the 11th! Me, Marsh and JT were still fired up from King of the Ring and wanted more drifting fun!! Simon took Martins E36 328i at 4pm to the drift practice, he wanted to get some runs in before we got there, we were leaving at 6pm!

After he got there he called Martin to tell him there was a Big man with a pony tail in the queue to sign in behind him & he was feeling intimidated, ahhaha we were pissing our selves laughing!

Then 15 minutes later he phoned saying he was too afraid to go out on track as they were all maniacs, just too funny! Simon said he would wait for us to come.

At 6pm we headed for the petrol station to get ripped of, then we were on the road! Martin had Simon’s Navara pick up, Jt had his newly acquired 520i beamer & I had my E30 beast! Lets just say it wasn’t a leisurely drive to Essex Arena, still we got there pretty quickly. 😉

Went upstairs to the bar to sign in & met Simon there. He looked quite sheepish saying that it was more like banger racing then drifting!

He had been chatting to a couple drivers in the pits and they were telling him to watch out for this car & that car as they would just take him out for the fun of it! Sounded like Marsh was out already, hehe!

I believe they were just winding him up. 😉 Although I was getting a little concerned, didn’t want my E30 getting smashed up!

Anyhow we signed in and taped up our lights before joining the line for our 1st Drift practice!

drifting at essex arena

drifting at essex arena

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BMW E30 M52 328i Engine Swap Complete

BMW E30 M52 328i Engine Swap Complete, almost! Just a few finishing touches & the beast is back! That was the plan but you know what they say about the best laid plans……. So when things don’t go to plan, Suck it up and make a new plan! So it was plan B and at times, plan C!

A couple things you will need is Patience and Persistence……….You will get there in the end 😉

BMW E30 M52

The 1st job to do was to get the electric fan wired up & fitted to the radiator. Should take about an hour, hmmm, I think not, time for plan B!

I got one of them cheap fan fitting kits of eBay, where you put cable like ties through the rad and the fan but read a lot of bad things about em. So decided to make some brackets instead. Continue reading

BMW E30 M52 Conversion part 5

My BMW E30 M52 Conversion part 5. The day of reckoning is finally here. Time to get the Bimmer up and running! The wiring conversion & ECU with the deleted EWS (Anti theft system) arrived on Thursday, thanks to a man named Dan from E30 Zone!


The plan for this weekend is to

  • Fit and connect engine loom & ECU
  • Wire up and fit an electric fan to the Radiator
  • Fit E30 brown temperature sensor to M52 head
  • Fit power steering reservoir
  • Fit Inlet Manifold
  • Fit throttle cable
  • Fit thermostat and housing
  • Fit airflow meter & RamAir cone filter
  • Connect the fuel pipes & Brake vacuum hose
  • Finnish of exhaust
  • Get Engine running

Rilus once again towed me & the Bimmer to the garage from around the corner. Started connecting the wiring loom to the engine, I figured it would take 40mins to an hour, well I was wrong, it was going to take much longer! Continue reading

BMW E30 M52 Conversion part 4

The BMW E30 M52 Conversion part 4! Here we are again……so close to getting the M52 up and running but still waiting for the Engine loom & ECU to return. Fingers crossed it will come tomorrow, reality is probably next week.


Well it hasn’t come yet 🙁 but I got plenty other jobs to be getting on with this weekend. I started looking for some strong, thick metal to use for the gearbox cross member.

There was a written off cab that’s been sitting around at the garage for a few months. I cut a box section of part of the chassis from the front of cab with the Rip Saw, lovely jubbly, that should do!

After cutting it into strips I found that it wasn’t as strong or thick as I had thought. Had to tack weld two strips together & then bend it to the required shape, drilled holes for the mounts and welded it all together. Continue reading

BMW E30 M52 Conversion part 3

Back again for my BMW E30 M52 Conversion part 3. Hmmm the conversion is dragging on a bit longer then I thought it would. I really wished I won the eBay auction for the M52 conversion a few weeks back, would of been up and running by now!! Anyhow The plan for the 3rd week was to get the:

  • Gearbox fitted
  • Prop Shaft bolted up
  • Exhaust modified and fitted
  • Coolant Pipes sorted

1st Job, Get the Gearbox Jack of JT before he disappeared again. Just caught him before he left and got the G Jack! After a bit of running about for Marsh (Rilus) I was ready for action. By the time I got started after a late lunch, it was 3pm! Damn…

Marsh helped me tow the Bimmer over and got her on the ramp. 1st job was to remove spigot bush bearing from crankshaft. Easier said then done if you don’t have a spigot bearing puller.


After some chiseling and drilling, it wasn’t looking good! I was going to try the old school trick of packing grease behind the bearing and then tapping the clutch alignment tool through the bearing which compresses the grease forcing the spigot bearing out, but this method can be a little hit and miss. Continue reading