Drift Practice Gone Wrong at Arena Essex

Drift Practice Gone Wrong at Arena Essex…….What a shit f`ing drift practice this turned out to be…….Ever so short and Not so sweet!

Heading up the M11 towards Arena Essex with no traffic, arrived in no time at all. Signed in, paid up & went down to the pits. Taped up the lights, got the GoPro ready & queued up!

Time now for some drifting, drifting, drifting fun! Was having a great time & then on the last lap I spun of onto the dirt. As I rejoined the track, there was a massive bang, followed by loud banging and rattling…….not good……not good at all.

There was a dip in the dirt and the underneath of the car hit the f`ing Curb!

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BMW e30 Engine Swaps

BMW e30 Engine Swaps, whats in your e30? The classic e30 BMW has been around for many years now, from 1982 to 1990. With its legendary handling characteristics due to the front engined rear wheel drive set up & with a relatively light body, it was and still is a sought after car.

From Drift missile to Original untouched classic, these amazing bits of German Engineering can be picked up from a few hundred pounds to £6000 plus for a minter!

The German engineered beasts from the east still have cult status after all these years, mainly due to the M3 powered cars and the many, many highly modified race cars and drift machines that have been built.

Many different engines have been transplanted into these little beauty’s over the years. With the conventional swaps from other BMW models to the more extreme swaps, where people have fitted M5 V10s & even V12s. Others have even risked offending the BMW community by fitting big Yank V8s or Japanese engines, with big turbos & big power….. Continue reading

Booked for Lydden Hill Drift Day 2014

Booked for Lydden Hill Drift Day 2014 Round 2. Not long now, just got to get the Beamer ready for it, as last time the gearing was too low & the old girl wouldn’t keep the wheels smoking up in 3rd gear 🙁 but still had fun apart from all the stopping with people spinning of, as the only group I could get into was the Novice Group!

T Dirte at Lydden Hill DriftingTreated the Beamer to an Limited Slip Diff with a 3.9 ratio. This should keep her spinning up in 3rd gear. Drives so much better with the LSD, turns in better, accelerates faster & feels like a new car!

The welded diff served well but parking & tight slow turns was a bitch with the welded! People looking on in horror at the car like something was gonna break of it.

The welded diff was just a bit rough for road use, but with the Lsd there’s no more Tyre hoping, skipping or chirping & all the clonks, rattles & creaks have gone. Plus, with all the strain on the half shafts & bushes I’m surprised something didn’t break……Result!

Got a 350mm Nardi imitation wheel from flea Bay. And as the saying goes, you get what you pay for! Although it looks the part & fees good in the hand. Once fitted you can feel it hasn’t got any real strength when pushing or pulling on it, I just need to be gentle with it then….. Continue reading

Lydden Hill Drifting Day

Lydden Hill Drifting Day, last one of 2013 on 30th November. Smoking, smoking, smoking! Well not quite……..read on.

This was to be my 1st proper Drift day on a proper and most importantly Dry track!

Dirty E30

It was an early start for me, up at 5:50am, quick cuppa & left after 6:30am in darkness. The roads were clear all the way & got to Lydden Hill in just over an hour.

The main pits were already full so parked in the pit area above. Time to sign in. Queued up for about half hour, only to be told that there was no places left!

WTF, my heart sank but I wasn’t beat just yet! Every 10 or 15 mins I would go back to see if any places were available? Only to be told, again & again, No, afraid not, come and check back in about 20mins.At 10 o’clock the girls in the office said I could have a place in the NOVICE group, wanted the Novice/Intermediate group but Novice will do fine I thought

But I would have to come back before each session to make sure the missing drivers hadn’t turned up! WooHoo, that was good enough for me, time to get ready!Removed all my tools and spare wheels from the beamer & my sister signed in for passenger ride. Not long now, couldn’t wait!

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