King Of The Ring The Final Chapter

King Of The Ring The Final Chapter at Arena Essex, October the 5th. This would be the final King of the Ring for 2013! I got here early for this one. Arrived at 4.30 with my sister Caroline. Sambo followed me down with Amber. The queue to get in was pretty long…..but soon everyone was in!

Drifting at King of the Ring

Got to the gate, signed in and headed down to the pits to tape up the lights on the Beamer. I was surprised that there wasn’t more cars here but I’m sure that more would be coming!!!

Sunsetting on king of the ring

The time was now 5pm, this would be Caroline’s 1st time out for a passenger ride & she was looking really forward to it!! We drove up to the non members lane that was still empty, time to get out there and do some drifting!! Continue reading

Drift Practice Before Final King Of The Ring

Drift Practice Before Final King Of The Ring at Essex Arena! Been looking forward to this all week. Marsh had finished of another car. The lovely blue E36 328i he had bought 2 weeks ago was now badly beaten up and the M52 lump had been cooked. 🙁

I was going to fit another engine for him but after checking the car over Marsh decided he would get another Beamer instead, oh yes, more money then sense!

I found him a list of 3 series Beamers, even a E46 328i for £700, maybe to nice for Marsh to wreck…… anyhow he decided to get another Mercedes from the merc garage next door. Continue reading

Drift Practice at Essex Arena after KOTR

Drift Practice at Essex Arena after KOTR on Sept the 11th! Me, Marsh and JT were still fired up from King of the Ring and wanted more drifting fun!! Simon took Martins E36 328i at 4pm to the drift practice, he wanted to get some runs in before we got there, we were leaving at 6pm!

After he got there he called Martin to tell him there was a Big man with a pony tail in the queue to sign in behind him & he was feeling intimidated, ahhaha we were pissing our selves laughing!

Then 15 minutes later he phoned saying he was too afraid to go out on track as they were all maniacs, just too funny! Simon said he would wait for us to come.

At 6pm we headed for the petrol station to get ripped of, then we were on the road! Martin had Simon’s Navara pick up, Jt had his newly acquired 520i beamer & I had my E30 beast! Lets just say it wasn’t a leisurely drive to Essex Arena, still we got there pretty quickly. 😉

Went upstairs to the bar to sign in & met Simon there. He looked quite sheepish saying that it was more like banger racing then drifting!

He had been chatting to a couple drivers in the pits and they were telling him to watch out for this car & that car as they would just take him out for the fun of it! Sounded like Marsh was out already, hehe!

I believe they were just winding him up. 😉 Although I was getting a little concerned, didn’t want my E30 getting smashed up!

Anyhow we signed in and taped up our lights before joining the line for our 1st Drift practice!

drifting at essex arena

drifting at essex arena

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High Planes Drifter King of the Ring 4th Chapter

High Planes Drifter King of the Ring 4th Chapter at Essex Arena. This event seems to get bigger and bigger every chapter, the standard of drifting is also getting better and better, although I’m still in need of more practice. 😉

Had a tooth ache all week and today of all days it was killing me! Had some pain killers that did not help much and Clove oil drops, that did help a bit.

Another drifter, Young contender for King/Queen of the Ring, who finnished 3rd at the last Kotr! Was Jodie Rasburn in her freshly painted, Orange E30, she had to leave early due to a Infection…….

Still my 1st run went pretty good, this time I was actually getting pretty sideways 😉 Had a few spins but not too many.

Two of my mates came to try out some drifting fun. Martin or Marsh as we call him although there are many other deservingly abusive names he is often called, came with his newly acquired BMW E36 328i.

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King Of The Ring, T Dirte Is Coming

King Of The Ring, T Dirte Is Coming. Oh yes the Beemer is near enough ready. I had one major problem to get sorted. After the short drifting practice I had on Wednesday the engine temperature had climbed to 3/4 on the gauge! Not good and time was running out!

I wasn’t too sure what to go for, a bigger radiator or decent electric fan?  I had a cheap £20 fan from eBay on it which seemed to do the job but wasn’t man enough for drifting. Hmmm, well I went for a Kenlowe high performance fan. On Friday Mum & sister picked up the fan for me at Burton Power in Ilford! 😉

Today I also had a Physio appointment at 6pm. Left the garage just gone 5pm. There was traffic everywhere. I was sweltering in this July heat wave, with very bad traffic due to a forest fire in Epping forest & with no petrol sapping air-con I was sweating like a gorillas sack …….. I made it to my physio appointment, just over 10mins late but didn’t get time to clean up before I got there, so I was a little dirty & sweaty!

If you have any aches, pains or are in need of a great massage, I Highly recommend booking into Physio answers in Leyton. The staff are all friendly and very helpful.

When I got home & I was staggering, my blood sugars had dropped real low. I think this was due to the heat and sweating? After sorting that I had some dinner & headed back to the garage to fit the High Performance Kenlowe elecy fan!

Let’s just say that after a couple hours, having to cut bits of the bodywork away to make it fit and some rewiring, the fan was in. Got back home and it was 11:50pm, had to eat and have a bath before hitting the sack….

Next morning I was well & truly knackered. Went to the garage and when Marsh found out I was still going to do King Of The Ring at Essex arena, he was all up for going in Leo Wanker, the hairdresser Merc SLK he got last week and was selling next week, well as good as sold. His brother Sean and Marshens wife thought he was mad, well nothing new there as he is a bit of a head case, 🙂 so this would add to the fun…. Continue reading

E30 M52 Power Loss Sorted, Time To Drift

E30 M52 Power Loss Sorted, Time To Drift. Finally sorted the lack of power from the engine today! Yesterday put the Beemer on the exhaust gas analyser at JTs garage. Yes it was running rich but not excessively. No codes coming up on his scanner either. He gave me the number of BMW specialist at Highyms park. Gave them a ring and explained the symptoms.

He said he couldn’t do anything until Monday and it would be £60 an hour + vat to run a full diagnostics as it was a conversion they hadn’t dealt with before.

Well I didn’t fancy them numbers….was going to drive to Wembley to meet Oz from the E30 zone who had a new camshaft sensor I could try.

It was another really hot hot day and on my way to Enfield there was a lot of slow moving traffic. The engine was losing even more power, now holding back from 2000rpm?? Continue reading

BHP Performance Show 2013

The BHP Performance Show 2013

This was a great day out for all you car enthusiasts, young & old, men & ladies and them in between, if you seen the Knight Rider car at the BHP show you will know what I mean.

The  BHP Performance Show 2013, was held at Lydden Hill Race circuit in Canterbury, for the 6th time. The weather was Sunny and hot but not too hot. Did you remember your sun cream? Well, I don’t think so, as I seen a lot of Red Necks walking around, bet you burning up today 😉

I arrived later then expected due to traffic on the M2 and pretty big ques to get in to the show. I met up With My mate Big M and Shannon. After a walk around the displays and stands, We could hear something loud and Amazing? It was an Alfa GTV V6 3Ltr, it was short lived as he got black flagged on his 1st lap for been too LOUD!!! That was a shame because that was most definitely one of the best sounding cars of the day. Continue reading